Jean Leloup: Exit - Roi Ponpon/Select/La Tribu
par Melora Koepke
dans Hour, 10 juin 2004

Famously, Mile End's very own Johnny the Wolf has elected to leave the music scene entirely, and this three-disc set is his protracted farewell. Why? In Exit's liner notes he proclaims that by sticking around he'd just be repeating himself. Ironically, he has chosen as his swan song to release La Mygale jaune and Leloup Big Band, two records of refurbished new/old hits (Je suis parti, Berta, Edgar, Remords du Commandant, et al.) all performed live, unplugged, messy and textured with his signature onstage meandering and mumbling. The third disc in the set is a DVD entitled La Mygale jaune: Le film, a set of video clips that opens with a text explaining Leloup's reasons for leaving the kingdom of franco-folk-country-punk-pop he reigned for so long. The DVD has hopped-up excerpts from his farewell concert series, after which he is said to have burnt his Fender as an adieu. But never fear: Reduxed as Jean Leclerc once again, Leloup has already founded a cinematic production house (Le Roi Ponpon), from which Exit is issued. The legend continues.


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