Hall of Fame: Introduction
par Jamie O'Meara
dans Hour, 18 septembre 2008

Welcome to the first annual edition honouring Montreal music and its makers

Why a Montreal Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame? Easy - because it's about time. Montreal has long-since come into its own as a nationally and internationally recognized centre for the music arts. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to sink in locally.

Modelled on its Cleveland, Ohio namesake, the Hour Montreal Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame will offer recognition to those musicians, bands, DJs, industry folks, promoters, club owners and assorted other movers and shakers who have contributed greatly to the creation of Montreal music in the broadest sense.

Each year we'll ask a jury to submit their nominations. For this, our inaugural year, we will give out an even 10 awards: six for performers, three for non-performers, and one for a trailblazer (someone who was a true innovator and pioneer).

In principle, the Hall of Fame is open to all genres of music, provided a valid argument can be made. And believe us when we say that there was much arguing.

Though there is no actual, physical Hall of Fame, there will be a celebratory written history kept of those artists and others who contributed greatly to the many scenes that have come together to create one of the greatest musical legacies of any North American city. And a permanent record of inductees will be kept on the Hour website at www.hour.ca.

We're not even going to try to pretend that, in its first-year incarnation, this is an all-inclusive undertaking - it's not. What it is, though, is a start, a point of reference as we try to grow it into the monster it needs to be if we are even going to begin to pay tribute to the many diverse souls who have lent their talents and voices to this thing we now see and hear before us. And if you have thoughts on our selections, and you feel the need to scratch that (b)itch, you'll find some very attentive ears at letters@hour.ca. And now on with the show...

We are grateful to acknowledge the contributions and criticisms, insights and experience of this year's Hall of Fame jury: Sony BMG promotional director Stephane Drolet; CKUT's Pat Dillon-Moore; MusiquePlus reporter Nicolas Tittley; Voir music editor Patrick Baillargeon; musician and "Queen of Ska" Lorraine Muller; Greenland Productions' Nancy Ross; Gong Communications' Richard Lafrance; and Hour music writers Martin Siberok, Steve Guimond, Dave Jaffer, Brendan Murphy and Mike Chamberlain. The Hall of Fame is co-curated by Richard Burnett and myself.

And now - jelly roll please - 2008's Hall of Fame inductees...

In the "Perfomer" category, and in no particular order: Voivod, Déjà Voodoo, Jean Leloup, The Nils, Michel Pagliaro and Me Mom & Morgentaler.

In the "Non-Performer" category: Dan Webster, Jenny Ross and Bambi Concerts.

And for this year's "Trailblazer," the one, the only... Doudou Boicel.

The Hour Montreal Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, and all who participated, would like to offer a raging round of congratulations to all of this year's inductees!
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