Jean Leloup at Metropolis - A Photo Review
par Jer
dans, 19 janvier 2010

Jean "Leclerc" Leloup has about as many personalities as he does songs. He's a prolific singer-songwriter-performer-eccentric who's well-loved locally, even more so since he "retired" from performing in 2003 (only to return to it shortly thereafter under different guises). Whatever he calls himself, he's worth watching.

So Midnight Poutine sent out an intrepid special correspondent to snap some pictures of the singing wolf. Vincenzo D'Alto - a freelance photographer for the plenty of local and national print publications - was kind enough to compile this photo-based review of Leloup's show on Saturday night, Jan. 16. If you missed last week's gigs, Leloup is scheduled to play Montreal again on Feb. 12.

Leloup shows off his guitar solo face.

Howling comme un loup.

Studying the set list or a contemplative moment?

Smoke break.

Leloup and some nice lighting design.

Thank you and good night.

Special thanks again to Vincenzo D'Alto. You can check out more of his photography and work at his website.
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