Pop Montreal 2011: Jean Leloup at the Rialto, Sept. 23
par T'Cha Dunlevy
dans The Gazette, 24 septembre 2011

There are some things you can count on, and Jean Leloup is one of them. The Quebec rock star is the original bad-boy, who brought charisma, grit and attitude -- not to mention great songwriting skills -- to the table from his first album Menteur in the late-80s. More than 20 years and many brain cells later, Leloup is the wild and wily veteran rocker, a high-energy kook of a character who walks the streets of Mile End talking to himself and singing for his neighbours. So it was only fitting that the Wolfman keep it in the hood with a show at Mile End's legendary Rialto Theatre, Friday night. The excuse? A new garage rock album by his new band The Last Assassins. But inside, onstage, it was business as usual -- a packed house of reverent and rowdy devotees and the eternally engaging, cowboy hat-clad rockeur catering to fans with classics such as Cookie and the slow-building but explosive classic La vie est laide. Assassins recruit Virginia Tangvald showed spunk on the grimy Bad Crystal and gritty roadside duet Rodeo Girl with co-vocalist Mathieu Leclerc. But their inexperience showed next to their fearless leader. There was no question who was leading this outfit, and who everyone was here for -- the wildman of quebec rock who, despite dipping into new creative territory, still gave the people what they wanted.


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